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Newlyweds Shakti Prajapati and Vibha Maurya: Who gets the Cream in the Kitchen?

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  •  September 17, 2014

“She tested my love.”

“I wanted to be sure.”

Meet Shakti Prajapati, an Engineer and Vibha Maurya, an arts teacher. Ah, let us tell you – it’s a love marriage (wink wink). Both found each other while still in the college through common friends. After a lot of struggle (family objections), the couple has been now married for  last couple of months.

As you know, we are discussing equality under the rubric ‘Who gets the cream?’ which means which gender gets the cream (privilege). Reaching next level of our conversation on Women Equality, we now feature this quirky, happy, young and full of energy newlywed couple from Jaipur. We wanted to know, how they have divided household work between them after marriage. Taking our camera, a diary and a pack of Britannia Jim-Jam biscuits, we reached their newly bought apartment, fresh from all the unpacked items.


The couple offered to make us hot tea. At that, Shakti prepared tea for all of us and the wife later joined him in the kitchen. We took advantage and captured this moment in our camera. After all, THIS is what we are talking about.


As we sipped tea, they divided the cream biscuit from its both sides. We will tell you who got the cream in the end! First enjoy reading their conversation…


JWB – Who gets up early in the morning?

Vibha – He does.


JWB – One by one, share your to-do list with us.

Vibha – I do the cleaning and cooking which, of course, is supported by Shakti. Because he goes office at 5 am, he wakes up before me. He makes our morning tea.

Shakti – Right. Because of such timings, we act smart and do most of the work before sleeping like cutting the veggies for next day. I don’t like to wake her up so early and cook for us while she herself has to reach school quite early. We take our lunch in our respective workplaces and therefore only cook dinner at home.


JWB – What do you have for breakfast?

Shakti – Biscuits. Just like now!


Vibha – Haha. Yeah, we prefer quick items like bread-jam, muesli, cornflakes-milk, etc.

JWB – Shakti, according to you cooking food is – her duty, her tool of seduction or she is doing a favor to you?


Shakti – It’s more of a favor. Although, it is considered a duty but I think we both are equally responsible and it is a favor she does inspite of her hectic schedule.

JWB – Vibha, imagine your husband in the kitchen. A disaster or surprise?


Vibha (smiles) – Let me say he is amazing in the kitchen. He loves to experiment and come up with delicious recipes.

JWB – Shakti you tell us, if a man enters the kitchen, does it mean he is dropping his ego?


Shakti – I blame it on society for this thought. Cooking is joy for me. If I am tired, I won’t mind going to the kitchen and cook. It’s rejuvenating.

JWB – And Vibha, you? What do you think about this so-called ‘myth’?


Vibha – It is a sheer myth that a man in the kitchen is about dropping his ego. Shakti makes me hog on yummy food that he cooks. Because of this, my mom scolds me thinking I am not doing anything in the kitchen at all.


Shakti – I am a good husband, you see, who believes the wife should eat the biscuit’s cream. So that, I don’t have to witness her bitter side. Take dear, all the biscuits are for you.

We all burst out laughing.

JWB – Don’t you think when a man is in the kitchen, it’s about conquering women’s territory?

Shakti – No.


(after a pause) – Right, Vibha?


Vibha offered him more snacks and we laughed seeing the husband’s sudden realization. Ah, we forgot to tell you, apart from having sugary biscuits, the couple also served crunchy banana chips. Because, that little sweetness in relationship is always supported by some tang!

JWB – Do you have a maid?

Vibha – Not yet.

JWB – Then who washes the dishes?

Vibha – Me.

Shakti – Well.


Vibha – Ok, at times he does.

Shakti – At times!!??


JWB – Ok, here we get the hint that Shakti is a big help in the house. Tell us, do love marriages help in equality of household work?


Shakti – Definitely. Can’t you notice, how in our case the cream is at madam’s side?


Vibha – Very funny. But yes, love marriage helps in open discussions where the initial formality is absent and you can decide such concerns.

JWB – Last question, who enjoys the lazy Sundays and gets the TV remote and sofa?


Vibha – After we do the weekend cleaning together, we both just lie under the sky on our terrace, watching birds and clouds. This is how I love spending my Sundays with him.


So let us tell you, the cream was on Vibha’s side while they split the biscuit! Before we signed off Shakti said – “I make her happy.” We couldn’t agree more. We had many ‘Aww’ moments. And you?

By Lavanya Bahuguna,

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